Our Mission

The Design Trust for Public Space is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing design innovation to New York City's public spaces to make a more dynamic, livable and sustainable city. We create collaborations between city agencies, community groups and private sector experts to work on emerging design and policy projects that result in effective urban strategies.

We Believe

1. The cultural and democratic life of the city depends on viable public space.
2. Design excellence is the minimum requirement for all public space.
3. Social justice and environmental sustainability must guide public space design.
4. Process plays a determining role in the quality of public space.
5. Public/private partnership is the only way to achieve these goals.

Our Unique Approach

The Design Trust is the only public space organization that gives city agencies and community groups the means to work collaboratively with private sector design and other professionals. We select projects from across the five boroughs and assemble top-notch cross-disciplinary teams to bring innovation to urban space challenges. These public/private partnerships generate powerful and unexpected working relationships, creating remarkable solutions to complicated public space issues.

Board of Directors

Members of the design, financial, media, architectural and philanthropic communities sit on our board of directors.


Our work is made possible by the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundations, and government agencies. View our annual report to see a recent list (PDF). .

What We Do

The Design Trust is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public space in New York City. Read more about what we do.

Call for Projects
The Design Trust is now accepting project proposals on an ongoing basis. We are looking for research, design, and planning projects that will effect how public space in New York City is planned, designed, or used. Learn more...

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