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June 12, 2004
Long Island City

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As part of the June 2004 “Summer in Long Island City” event, the Design Trust's Connecting the Arts project organized six tours to take visitors from cultural organizations to local factories and crafts studios. Arts institutions served as gathering points for the start of the tours. Local factory owners were amenable to the idea of showing their methods and products as long as it didn’t interfere with their production process.

By linking factories to the arts, the tours brought participants in touch with the hybridity and dynamism of Long Island City and provided connections between those who appreciate objects and those who make them. The arts-and-industry tours also emphasized the need to maintain Long Island City's light manufacturing and craft industries — essential makers and supporters of New York — and highlighted the potential in Long Island City for increased collaborations between industries, artists, and art institutions.

The tours included:

Fisher Landau Center for Art to aviation supplier Kerns Manufacturing

MoMA QNS to furniture maker Tucker Robbins to the Museum for African Art

P.S.1 to theatrical woodshop Konduit to plastics factory Plaxall

P.S.1 to landscape firm Plant Specialists to glass artisan Michael Davis Glass

Socrates Sculpture Park to sign factory Kenny Greenberg Neon the Noguchi Museum

SculptureCenter to metal fabricator Treitel-Gratz Industries to furniture maker Michael Daniel Metal Arts

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