Intersection of Design & Technology: Roundtable Luncheon with Adam Greenfield

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Date and Location

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
12:00-2:00 pm

Private home of Stephen Maharam and Camila Pastor
New York City

Event Highlights
If you missed this event, you can still read the complete transcript of this fascinating discussion (PDF).

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In the Spring of 2008, the Design Trust held a series of events around the topic "The Intersection of Design and Technology" for the Design Trust Council. The first event was a private tour of the exhibition >"Design and the Elastic Mind" with curator Paola Antonelli, at the Museum of Modern Art. The second event was a roundtable luncheon with Adam Greenfield, Head of Design Direction at Nokia, author of Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing, and self-proclaimed futurist.

This private luncheon with Adam Greenfield was hosted by Design Trust trustee Stephen Maharam, and his wife Camila Pastor, at their home in New York City. In this intimate setting, Design Trust Council members shared lunch and conversation with Adam Greenfield, learning about the new technologies being employed in the public realm. The discussion covered how these technological advancements will influence not only urban architecture and design, but how people live and work and interact in the public realm.
"So let me restate the challenge as I see it: How do we rediscover all of those aspects and attributes that made for the high-quality urban experiences that we understood in the past and that motivated people like my heroes and heroines? But how do we do this in a way that is organic for our own age, the possibilities that arise out of the techno-social moment that we find ourselves in? I think that the amount of digital information that is present in all of our experiences in the urban context and that we are able to grab, repurpose, turn to our own ends and share with people—I think that this has a decent chance of being the answer to that question."

A complete transcript of this fascinating presentation and discussion can be downloaded here(PDF).

This event was open to current Design Trust Council members only. To join the Design Trust Council, you can use our secure online form or download the Council brochure.

To see more images of the event and read more about the discussion, visit the Design Trust blog.

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