Viren Brahmbhatt
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Viren Brahmbhatt

Viren Brahmbhatt is an architect and urban designer. For the past several years, he has focused on affordable housing and infrastructure in New York City. He has worked with the New York City Housing Authority’s Design Department on design and implementation of the Community Centers Program, GIS, Urban Design projects, and a Master Plan for HOPE VI Project in Brooklyn. He has also collaborated on several research projects with the School of Architecture & Urban Design and the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Mr. Brahmbhatt holds a Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Pratt Institute and an undergraduate degree form the School of Architecture (CEPT), Ahmedabad, India where he also held a faculty position (1988-1992). His published work includes such independent projects as “The Vacant City: Urban Design Project for The Mont Des Arts, Brussels (Belgium) and “Investigations into Architectural Design: Conceptions and Processes” published in 1988 (CEPT, India).

Personal Statement

The most satisfying aspect of my fellowship experience, on Hell's Kitchen South: Developing Strategies, was that it provided me with critical distance from day-to-day work and allowed me to explore my preoccupation with planning processes that mitigate "differences" rather than superficially unify. I am concerned with a wide range of issues: from the quality of design to how physical environment impacts our lives; I am interested in architecture and urban design as public policy. I am equally interested in the future form of the city, and how designers along with policy makers may find ways and tools through dialogue, for greater urban sustainability and socially responsible approaches to urban design, housing and infrastructure design. I believe this interdependence between various disciplines (architecture, urban design, landscape and infrastructure) is vital to how cities grow incrementally; it is also important for the future of the cities as we become more and more multivalent and diverse as a global society. The Design Trust For Public Space fellowship provided me a valuable opportunity to explore these and other issues.

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