Ted Byfield
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Reconstruction Report

Ted Byfield's professional work as an editor, researcher, writer, artist, and educator has addressed diverse aspects of the public sphere, ranging from space photography to the role of new technologies in post-conflict societies. He was awarded a Design Trust fellowship for Reconstruction Report.

Personal Statement

As is often the case in the wake of a traumatic event, the collective processes through which the rebuilding of Ground Zero unfolded involved a balance, at once fragile and chaotic, of communitarian aspirations and parochial self-interest. Despite the very public conduct of discussions and debates, most publicly available information resources reflected their sponsors' agendas, whether overtly, through advocacy, or implicitly, through omission and exaggeration. The Design Trust's journalism fellowship offered an opportunity to fill in the gaps by providing responsive commentary and primary sources that documented less obvious issues, aspects, and dynamics that shaped the rebuilding process.

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