Keller Easterling
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Reclaiming the High Line


Casey Jones, architect

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Keller Easterling is an architect, urbanist and writer. Her most recent book, Enduring Innocence: global architecture and its political masquerades (MIT, 2005), researches familiar spatial products that have landed in difficult or hyperbolic political situations around the world. Her last book Organization Space: Landscapes, Highways and Houses in America applies network theory to a discussion of American infrastructure and development formats. Easterling is an associate professor at Yale University’s School of Architecture.

Personal Statement

My Design Trust fellowship, for Reclaiming the High Line, accompanied a parallel fellowship by Casey Jones. The Design Trust allowed me to experiment with the expressed need, from activists and policy makers, for a “vision” to galvanize support around the High Line. While the expectation here involves a comprehensive plan or a clichéd illustrative aerial, the Design Trust supported a very unconventional web installation in which vision was conceived as an active game. I learned a great deal about urban persuasions during the course of this fellowship, not only from the web experiment but also from contact with all of the players that the Design Trust assembled.

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