Christopher Englese & Ryan Kerrison
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Christopher & Ryan are the Video Fellow for Five Borough Farm: Phase II

Lee Altman, urban designer
Liz Barry, landscape architect and urban designer
Kaja Kühl, urban planner
Rupal Sanghvi, metrics expert
Philip Silva, environmental researcher

Christopher Englese has more than ten years experience in film and television, working in both the U.S. and UK. He has called New York-based indie film company, Ride5 Films, home since 2008. Christopher has proudly contributed to several award-winning documentaries, as well as broadcast work, including The Discovery Channel, TLC, BBC, Current TV, and MTV.

Ryan Kerrison was a director at VideoJug, and then lead editor at World's End Television before moving to New York City and co-founding Ride5 Films. As the head of Ride5's Film Division, Ryan has created work that's been selected for several film festivals, broadcast on networks in the UK and US (ABC, BBC, MTV), while also featured on Virgin America's inflight entertainment. He has directed, filmed, and edited numerous award-winning feature documentaries in addition to his commercial work for brands such as Red Bull and ING.
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