Casey Jones
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Reclaiming the High Line


Keller Easterling, architect

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Reclaiming the High Line

Casey Jones has dedicated his career to improving the public realm and public architecture.  In 1996, after working in traditional architectural practice, he became the first Associate Director of Van Alen Institute.  In 2001 he left New York to work in the Design Excellence Program in GSA’s Office of the Chief Architect, where he ushered in a new generation of architects and oversaw the development of their designs.  Today he is a principle in jones|kroloff design services, a New Orleans based firm assisting institutional clients with their architect selection processes. He is a founding member of City-Works, a design based non-profit dedicated to the future of New Orleans.

Personal Statement

Prior to receiving a Design Trust fellowship for Reclaiming the High Line, I had worked as an activist and advocate on a number of grass roots planning efforts in New York and also served as a public member of my community board. I was very familiar with the glacial pace of improvements and the quagmires that could arise. My Design Trust fellowship was an amazing opportunity because it allowed me to work closely with Robert Hammond and Joshua David at Friends of the Highline, two public space pioneers passionate about a piece of urban infrastructure, who set out to save it. The Herculean task that they set for themselves and speed and success with which they achieved it, were amazing to be a part of and an incredible model for future efforts.

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