Deborah Marton
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Sandro Marpillero, architect
Linda Pollak, architect and landscape designer

Deborah Marton has dedicated her career to the development of public space in New York City. After receiving a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard University Design School, she served as Program Manager of New York City Parks Natural Resources Group and later worked with the landscape architecture firm Field Operations, where she was Project Manager for the Fresh Kills Master Plan. In 2004, after the completion of her fellowship, she joined the Design Trust as Executive Director.

Personal Statement

My Design Trust fellowship on Thresholds of Eibs Pond Park 2 convinced me of the value of public/private project teams. Having worked in the public sector for the New York City Department of Parks, I was keenly aware of the difficulties faced by city employees attempting to introduce state-of-the-art practices. Unfortunately, policies that ensure the city gets the best design services at the lowest price can discourage innovation. So I was impressed and inspired by the Design Trust’s methodology– teaming design professionals with the city agents that have to actually implement the designs had two great results: The design quality was top-notch, but it was also totally doable within Parks’ requirements.

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