Travis Roozée
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Travis Roozée was the photography fellow for Photo Urbanism 3: Jamaica Bay

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Travis Roozée is a freelance photographer specializing in environments and portraiture.  After graduating from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, he worked as a photographer’s assistant with the architectural photography firm Hedrich Blessing and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders in New York City. He has been photographing independently since 2002, working for a variety of clients. His work has been published in The New York Times, House Beautiful and New York magazine. 

His first solo exhibition was at the Arsenal Gallery in New York’s Central Park in September 2005.  The show, Rooftop Brooklyn, documented a Brooklyn pigeon keeper and his rooftop coops.

Personal Statement

My fellowship gave me the opportunity to photograph a part of New York City that I found fascinating while also collaborating with the Design Trust, which added structure and certainty that my previous documentary projects have lacked. Working with the Design Trust staff to create a shooting schedule, plan for image reviews and organize the exhibition gave my fellowship project a clearly defined purpose. With such specific goals in place, I was able to focus my attention on making photographs that added to the Photo Urbanism series.

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