Times Square:
Streetscape Improvement

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Michael Fishman, urban planner

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Over the past ten years, the Times Square Alliance presided over the rebirth of Times Square as a revived cultural and tourist center and a prominent address for corporate headquarters. However, its streets and sidewalks are congested, poorly designed, and visually unappealing.

Now the Alliance has turned its attention to upgrading the streetscape and improving the pedestrian environment. This process began with a series of workshops, organized in partnership with the Design Trust for Public Space, which explored the range of possible streetscape improvements.

Subsequently, the Design Trust awarded a fellowship to Michael Fishman, the Vice President of Urban Design at Sam Schwartz Company, to continue working with the Alliance. Mr. Fishman helped to interpret the workshop findings and facilitate contact with the New York City Department of Transportation, resulting in a pedestrian-mobility plan, Problems and Possibilities: Re-Imagining the Pedestrian Environment in Times Square . The Times Square Alliance will work with New York City to implement this comprehensive plan, and transform Times Square into an international model for pedestrian mobility.

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