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Intersections: Grand Concourse at 100 -- Future
Nov. 1, 2009 - Jan. 3, 2010
The Bronx Museum of the Arts

This exhibit features models, renderings, animations, plans, videos, and interactive installations created by the 7 competition finalists exclusively for this exhibition. First prize went to Dongsei Kim and Jamieson Fajardo of Columbia University for "p.U.M.p." Read the exhibition press release.

Intersections: Grand Concourse Beyond 100
Nov. 5 - 28, 2009
AIA Center for Architecture
Opening Reception: Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 6-8:00 pm

This companion exhibit will feature the work of 11 competition teams organized in four thematic categories: Insertions, Micro-urbanism, Greening, and Provocations.

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Intersections: Grand Concourse Beyond 100 was an international ideas competition sponsored by The Bronx Museum of the Arts in partnership with the Design Trust. Bold visions were submitted by almost 400 people from over 25 countries for how the Bronx and the Grand Concourse can evolve in the next few decades and cope with pressing needs for housing, green spaces, and transportation. This overwhelming response proves that now is the time to illuminate the Bronx's omnipresent dynamism, occasional radicalism, and enduring creativity in the public realm.

2009 marks the Concourse's centennial. The Grand Concourse has been a measure of the Bronx's economic and social vitality since its creation in 1909. Conceived during the height of the City Beautiful Movement as the residential Champs Élysées of the Bronx, the Concourse was meant to inspire harmonius social order through grand design. Stretching 4 miles in length and measuring 180 feet across, the Concourse is a wide, tree-lined thoroughfare separated into three distinct roadways and today hosts the largest collection of Art Deco and Art Moderne-style buildings in America.

Ideas were submitted for everything from sound-emitting streetlights to filling the median with butterfly gardens to 2 new subway lines for the borough. The best ideas, designs, descriptions and images were selected by a diverse and distinguished jury in July, 2009. The finalists developed their original proposals into models, animations, videos, collages, renderings and interactive installations for the "Intersections: Grand Concourse at 100-Future" exhibition, on view November 1, 2009 through January 3, 2010 at The Bronx Museum of the Arts. A companion exhibition will take place in Manhattan at the AIA's Center for Architecture November 5-28, 2009.

After the exhibitions, the Design Trust will present the best concepts to city officials to help them set a municipal agenda for the future of the Bronx and the Grand Concourse - one that reclaims its identity with integrity and style.

Competition Finalists
Seven compelling visions for the future of the Grand Concourse edged out nearly 200 other proposals to be selected as finalists:

Agricultural Urbanism
Christina Belton, Taewook Cha, Brenda Curtis, Lia Kelerchian, Gentry Lock, Erika Matthias and Shachi Pandey of EDAW-NYC
New York, NY, USA

From Speedway to Mainstreet
Vincent Lavergne, Jeremy Nadau, Mathieu Lavergne, Remi Mendes of Nadau Lavergne Architects
Paris, France

The Grand Resource
Jason Austin, Aleksandr Mergold of Austin+Mergold LLC
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Live Wired
Angus McCullough
Brooklyn, NY, USA

p.U.M.p. (First Prize Winner)
Dongsei Kim, Jamieson Fajardo of Columbia University
New York, NY, USA

Point by Point Development
Christopher Ryan of Harvard University
Cambridge, MA, USA

Revisioning the Bronx Grand Concourse: A Community-Centered Approach
Emily Osgood, Alejandra Diaz, Laura Keller, Megan Gibbons, Lisa Woodley of MISI Company; Itir Sonuparlak of Columbia University
New York, NY, USA

Please Note: All competition submissions were judged anonymously by the competition jury. The Design Trust does not endorse any one of the submitted ideas.

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