Five Borough Farm

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Nevin Cohen, urban food policy   expert

Agnieszka Gasparska, graphic   designer

Ryan Kerrison, filmmaker

Rupal Sanghvi, public health   evaluation expert

thread collective
, sustainable   design experts

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Five Borough Farm Launch Event
July 24, 2012

"Five Borough Farm: The Future of Farming in NYC"
Workshop, Dec. 6, 2010

Major Funders
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
The David Rockefeller Fund

Five Borough Farm offers a roadmap to farmers and gardeners, City officials and stakeholders to understand and weigh the benefits of urban agriculture, and makes a compelling case for increasing resources—from soil and compost to growing space to funding—to grow urban agriculture throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

For the project, the Design Trust assembled a multidisciplinary team of Project Fellows [listed at right] to lead the research, including experts in food policy, sustainable design, and public health evaluation, as well as a graphic designer and a photographer. The team conducted extensive research and outreach to gather and synthesize information about urban agriculture in New York City. This process included:

  • Convening over 90 farmers and gardeners, funders, and nonprofit advocates for a participatory workshop called "The Future of Farming in NYC" to discuss their goals and priorities, the resources they need to sustain their work, and how best to evaluate urban agriculture's benefits

  • Interviewing more than 60 leading NYC and national urban agriculture stakeholders, including formal research interviews with 31 farmers and gardeners, city and state officials, nonprofit advocates, and funders

  • Developing an "indicator guide" with dozens of health, social, ecological, and economic indicators (e.g. amount of food waste collected and composted, number of hours spent on physical activity, number of participants eating fresh food, etc.)

  • Surveying municipal governments nationwide to identify best practices relating to urban agriculture and developed recommendations to change city policy in New York City to better support urban agriculture

  • Developing infographics illustrating key elements of the urban agriculture system in New York City, and explaining policy and metrics concepts

  • Conducting over 60 site visits to community gardens and urban farms across the five boroughs

  • Convening periodic outreach meetings with stakeholders and project advisors

  • Presenting project updates at the American Community Garden Association national conference and the American Society of Landscape Architects annual meeting

The project publication, Five Borough Farm: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture, and the companion website were released on July 24, 2012. Together, they offer more than 30 recommendations to support and expand urban agriculture in New York City, provide the most detailed survey ever produced of urban agriculture in New York City, and establish the nation's first urban agriculture metrics framework so that farmers and gardeners everywhere can track their activities and demonstrate their impact.


Advisory Committee Press Coverage
John Ameroso, Cornell Extension
Jacquie Berger, Just Food
Ray Figueroa, Friends of Brook Park
Yonette Fleming, Hattie Carthan Community   Garden
Anthony Giancatarino, Center for Social   Inclusion
Regina Ginyard, La Finca del Sur
Robert Jackson, Bed Stuy Rescue Mission
Aley Kent, formerly Heifer International
Annie Novak, Rooftop Farms
Steve Perry, John Bowne High School
Edie Stone, Greenthumb
David Vigil, East New York Farms
Karen Washington, La Familia Verde/Community   Garden Coalition

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