Uneasy Spaces: A Photo Survey of Security in the Public Realm

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Elizabeth Felicella, photographer

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Designing for Security

In conjunction with the Designing for Security project, the Design Trust sponsored a photographic survey that documented the actual effect of security measures on public spaces throughout New York City. The survey, a series of photographs taken with a large-format camera, explored questions about public space and urban life.

Where overt security measures have been implemented, Design Trust fellow Elizabeth Felicella documented them. Where no security measures were immediately apparent, she used the camera to reveal the more subtle operations of security.

The Design Trust believes that both designed and "discovered" security measures might provide important insight into the problem of securing public spaces. This photo essay served a dual purpose, both as a valuable component to the ongoing research project and as a discrete body of work to be exhibited and published independently. Felicella's photographs are included as a section within the publication Designing for Security.

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