High Performance Building Guidelines

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Stephen Campbell, architect
William Reed, architect

At the invitation of the Department of Design and Construction (DDC), one of New York City’s largest design and construction agencies, the Design Trust sponsored a year-long study to create the High Performance Building Guidelines, a set of design guidelines for the city’s adoption of environmentally responsible and energy efficient building techniques.

Because of the magnitude of the city’s capital program, the environmental consequences of its building practices are significant. The guidelines created through this project will eventually effect construction projects undertaken for all of the DDC’s client agencies (libraries, cultural facilities, police, fire, courts, corrections, health, human services, transportation, and others). In electing to transform its own design and building practices, the city has established itself as a leader in environmentally sound building among large municipalities.

The study involved a full range of interrelated issues, from budgeting and site selection to design development and facility maintenance. Design Trust fellows Stephen Campbell and William Reed led the DDC staff through industry workshops and seminars with guest experts, and oversaw and edited the staff-written guidelines document, which set forth environmental guidelines as applicable to New York’s particular building processes. The guidelines were published by the DDC in April of 1999 with the enthusiastic endorsement from both the Mayor and the Commissioner of the DDC.

The Design Trust, its fellows, and DDC agreed to continue their partnership in order to guide the DDC through the critical first steps of implementation. This work was the focus of a second Design Trust project, Implementing the High Performance Building Guidelines.

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