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Keller Easterling

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Launch Date: February 2002

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Reclaiming the High Line

For the Reclaiming the High Line project, the Design Trust awarded two fellowships: one to Casey Jones, who led a comprehensive planning study resulting in the Reclaiming the High Line report, and one to Keller Easterling, who created this website, Plotting NYC. Jones' study proposes specific, feasible recommendations and strategies for reusing the High Line as public open space, while this website comprises four purely speculative environments. Because Easterling's project is not limited to attainable possibilities, its conjectural environments provide a counterpoint to Jones's fact-based study.

This website experiments with alternative documents to those master plans and perspectives typically used by planners in conveying "vision" for the city. Assuming that vision might be stored in other dimensions and other specific species of information, the site communicates explicit ingredients and instructions for spaces and programs, but it argues that, in the city, these must always enter into a skeletal and somewhat less predictable mix than the planner had hoped.

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