Long Island City:
Connecting the Arts

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Primary Author

Nina Rappaport


Chelsea Mauldin


Design Trust for Public Space

Publication Data

Date: May 2006
Trim Size: 7.5" x 11"
Pages: 96
Binding: Perfect
ISBN: 978-0-977-7175-0-7
Design: Claudia Brandenburg, Language Arts


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A must-read for anyone interested in the intersection of the creative and manufacturing sectors, this ground-breaking book defines Long Island City's hybrid character as a springboard for neighborhood development.

Richly illustrated and graphically inventive, Long Island City: Connecting the Arts outlines specific signage, information, transportation, and outreach strategies that can be used by arts organizations, businesses, and community members—in Long Island City and elsewhere—to promote and develop a compelling mix of art and industry.

To strengthen Long Island City’s identity as a unique destination for the arts, the Design Trust for Public Space undertook the Connecting the Arts project in partnership with the Long Island City Cultural Alliance, a consortium of the area’s cultural groups. A rich understanding of the area’s history, as well as current development plans, provide the basis for pioneering strategies to connect the arts with Long Island City.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Arts and Long Island City
Long Island City: An Arts Network
Local Cultural Institutions
The Long Island City Cultural Alliance (LICCA)
An Identity for the Arts: Long Is City
The Arts in the Urban Landscape

Part 2: Urban Development in Long Island City
Historical Development
Urban-Planning Initiatives
Future Development Scenarios
Concepts for Mixed Use Zoning

Part 3: Strategies for Connecting the Arts
Signage and Identity
Wayfinding and Information Delivery
Community Programs

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