Making Midtown: A New Vision for a 21st Century Garment District in New York City

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Andrew Bernheimer, Urban Design Fellow
Colin Cathcart, Urban Design Fellow
Jerome Chou, Design Trust Director of Programs
Kei Hayashi, Policy Fellow
Rob Lane, Urban Design Fellow



Design Trust for Public Space

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Date: October 2012
Size: 9 x 12"
Pages: 56
Binding: Perfect
ISBN: 978-0-9777175-7-6
Print run: 1,500
Printed and bound in the USA by Print Craft, Inc.

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Making Midtown: A Vision for a 21st Century Garment Distric in New York City provides a roadmap for revitalizing the Garment District with fashion design and manufacturing at its core. The recommendations outlined in this publication also establish a model for New York and other cities to create a new kind of urban creative district – one that leverages, rather than replaces, a given neighborhood's existing resources to create real estate value, support jobs, and capture a distinct neighborhood identity and character.

This publication synthesizes more than three years of work which documented the Garment District's built environment, real estate dynamics, and fashion industry activities: engaged scores of Garment District stakeholders to identify priorities and build consensus around shared goals; and developed a new model for integrating manufacturing into a densely developed, mixed-use creative district.

The team of Design Trust Project Fellows - including architects, urban designers and economic development consultants - developed the final recommendations in three key areas:

1. Promote locally designed and produced clothes
2. Improve the Garment District's public realm
3. Sustain a diverse mix of uses in the District, including garment district manufacturing

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Table of Contents

About the Project

I. Making the Garment District

II. Why the Garment District Matters

III. Creating a 21st Century Garment District


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